Welcome to the website of the Nockemann Research Group.

The focus of my research group based around ionic liquids and their application for the synthesis of new functional materials, in efficient separation and extraction of critical metals (such as Rare Earths), as electrolytes for energy storage and in green sustainable processes and their application in industrial processes.

Part of my group works on designing new functional liquids and soft materials with properties such as magnetism, luminescence, high conductivity, high metal content, low viscosity and thermomorphism (temperature dependent phase switching). We also use such task-specific ionic liquids in the synthesis of new (nano-)materials – as media and also as precursors.

An other angle of my work is the application of ionic liquids in the selective extraction and separation of critical metals. Thereby, we are developing ‘greener’, more environmentally friendly ways to separate and recover metals e.g. from waste materials (‘urban mining’). An other recent application of metals in ionic liquids in our group is the use as electrolytes in redox flow batteries for energy storage.